Thessaly Press

Thessaly Press is a publishing endeavour named after the film The Giants of Thessaly

Bigger tits than Hedy Lamarr?

Bigger tits than Hedy Lamarr?

This was an Italian version of the story of Jason and the Argonauts and was directed by the esteemed Riccardo Freda.  Swiss actor Roland Carey played Jason of Thessaly. First released in Italy in 1960, it predated the more famous film by Don Chaffey, Jason and the Argonauts, but was widely released in the U.K. after the success of that film, under the cash-in title Jason and the Golden Fleece.

Here at Thessaly Press, we adopt a simple but incontrovertible philosophy: 


No, that’s not it.  This is it:

“If somebody crowds you, you push ’em back, like a guy swats flies…I learned that a rattlesnake is right, you gotta bite first…Being on top’s the most important thing in the world,143978_1020_A ‘cos there’s nobody that can kick you in the teeth…Don’t crowd me, Joe.”

(Brett Halsey in Speed Crazy, 1959)

Yeah, that’s what our Managing Editor adopts as his motto.  He says it’s good to have a clearly-expressed corporate philosophy…it helps to maintain the employees’ morale..and it’s cheaper than giving us pay rises….Here’s a picture of him:

Where can I get a champagne cocktail?

Where can I get a champagne cocktail?

Yes, he does look a bit like Alain Delon, though some think he is even better looking! And he’s even sulkier!  Never approachable in the morning…but lightens up after lunch.  Positively glowing by cocktail time!

On this site, you will learn more about our publications on such luminaries as Robert Vaughn, Brett Halsey, Michael Reeves and Diana Rigg and even expose you to one of the Managing Editor’s less-execrable poems.